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Dr. Josh Wright

I’ve always been passionate about helping people, but it was a love for the sciences that led me towards this career. Shortly after graduating Cum Laude with my Bachelors in Biology at Central Connecticut State University I enrolled in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Logan University. During my time at Logan I gained a certification in Applied Kinesiology. This profound technique asks your body the right questions in the right way to reveal the cause of your health concerns and present a solution. In what spare time I had during school I began a series of strength training and body building program. The time in the gym was a unique way to study how my own body worked. It was fun and rewarding to apply the knowledge I was gaining in the realms of anatomy and physiology to my own physique and wellness. After graduation I joined a successful natural health clinic in Cleveland. My first month in practice was February of 2020.

The lockdown measures in Ohio made starting up in practice near impossible but there was a silver lining. The patients who did seek me out were truly interested in improving their health inspite of the threat of the virus. Many of the patients I worked with wanted to strengthen their immune systems. I feel I was able to make lasting impacts by addressing misalignments and nutritional deficiencies that would have otherwise gone unnoticed by another physician. I addressed deep seated patterns and habits that were holding them back from health. 2020 was also used to become an Advanced Clinically Trained Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. I am now an Advanced Clinically Trained practitioner ready and able to help my patients overcome chronic health conditions through whole food and herbal supplementation and dietary changes. The patients I have worked with ranged in age from 1 month to 90 years old and had concerns including migraines, constipation, back pain, severe autism, enlarged prostate, plantar warts, fatigue, athletic performance and sleep disturbance. 

I am moving to Palm Coast to be closer to family and also to open a practice of my own. I want to see what a community who wholeheartedly pursues a greater level of health looks like. I want to see what that noble pursuit would mean for the next generations too. 

    The beginning of my story involves growing up with two passions. 
       1. to work with my hands 
       2. to help people 


Early on in life I spent my free time playing with Lincoln Logs and Legos and that evolved into crafting furniture in my father’s workshop. Working by hand was challenging and rewarding. It was tangible and felt real. Meanwhile at school the science classes fascinated me. Chemistry and physics taught me about intricate relationships in the world while Biology taught me that there were patterns found throughout nature. Community involvement through Church instilled in me the importance of improving the lives of others. The game of soccer taught me the value of persistence, focus and skill. In Chiropractic I found a profound application of the sciences, the many other lessons I had learned along the way, and a most importantly a means to help people regain control over their lives. I work to see my patients overcome their health challenges in order to live their lives as best they can. It would be a joy to help you too.

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Nurse Jess

Office Manager

Hi, Nurse Jess here!

Since beginning my career as a Registered Nurse I have gained a lot of great experience as a healthcare professional within a hospital setting. I received experience on an Intermediate Care Unit as well as within a Pediatric Mental Hospital prior to working at Pivotal Health Systems with my husband, Dr. Wright. During my nursing career I noticed many patients were not receiving the time and attention they deserved. I also noticed that hospitals were too understaffed to provide adequate care, leaving both patients and staff frustrated. When Dr. Wright and I started dating, I caught a glimpse of what natural healthcare looked like, and it changed my whole perspective on health and healing. I was introduced to my first chiropractic adjustment through Dr. Wright, as well as the use of natural supplements to detox, rebuild and destress the body. With a history of anxiety and neck pain that was not resolved through Western medicine, I was ecstatic to experience results through a means of natural holistic healing. As I started my work to grow Pivotal Health Systems I began to witness more testimonials from other patients finally experiencing full relief from health concerns like back pain, digestive issues, headaches and more. These people had been dealing with their complaints for some time and expected to continue living with it chronically before meeting Dr Wright.

Though I grew up in Pennsylvania and began my career as a nurse in Ohio, I am very excited to be here in Palm Coast, Florida. The sunshine weather is perfect for spending time at the beach and relaxing all year long. Dr. Wright and I both like to spend our free time pursuing our athletic goals of completing Spartan Races, and eventually triathlons. We push each other in the gym, on the trail and now in the practice as well.  I am excited to be a part of Pivotal Health Systems and cannot wait to see more healing and health in Flagler County.


What We Do


Adjustments are given to joints throughout the body as indicated. A patient with back pain may have their back adjusted and also their knee and ankle. Dr Wright believes in a Holistic approach. By seeing the body as a WHOLE and not its individual parts meaningful change can be made to the way the body works. Adjustments are given strictly by hand, sometimes with assistance of a table drop mechanism. Adjustments can also be made with an instrument upon request.

One of Dr Wright's mentors taught him to know 6 ways to adjust every joint in the body. There surely is an adjustment specifically for you. 

Whole Food Supplementation

Dr Wright pulls from his knowledge in Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing to identify underlying nutritional deficiencies and organ dysfunctions. Health Care Professional Grade Supplements are sold here at Pivotal Health Systems to our patients. Some are chew-able tablets, others are pills to be swallowed, and others are liquid tinctures. 

Once your body has the minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients necessary it will heal and not a minute sooner.

Herbal Supplementation

Herbal supplementation is sometimes indicated for chronic health issues. Dr Wright works with over a dozen suppliers of herbal supplements to ensure he has the right herbs available to aid you in your pursuit of better health. 

In an effort to be effective and efficient, Dr Wright uses a complex and thorough muscle testing procedure to ensure your body "agrees" with the supplements recommended. 

Manual Muscle Work

Muscular imbalances throughout the body can be affected through skillful use of the doctor's hands. This work includes

  • Tuning up and tuning down muscles to create balance around joints.

  • Specific massage-like pressures given at certain reflex points to improve the flow of lymph fluid and blood flow and also to reduce tension on fascia [the web like substance that connects all of our joints and muscles together.]

Lifestyle Changes

Dr Wright works diligently with his patients in developing a lifestyle that is an asset to their pursuit of better health.

  • What type of exercise program is right for me?

  • What can I do to ensure a quality nights rest?

  • What toxic chemicals should I be avoiding?

The answers to these questions can vary from person to person. Making effective Lifestyle Changes is best done with the help of a physician who understands how your body works and what it needs to be at its best.

Dietary Changes

We are not only what we eat but what we are able to digest. Changes therefore need to be made not just to what we eat but how we eat it. Patients of Dr Wright will have exclusive coaching on improvements to their diet that will aid in the achievement of their health goals. This process includes identifying which foods to avoid, which foods to enjoy, and how to best schedule your meals throughout the day.