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“Change the Direction of Your Health Today”

Our Chiropractic and Nutritional Programs are Getting Our Patients Results Naturally!



We exist to help people like you and your family be the best you can be! 

You can rest assured that if you're accepted as a patient in our office, you will NOT be settling for temporary relief as our doctor is known for his Specificity, Customized Care, and Long-Term Results!


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Dr. Josh Wright

Chiropractic Physician

I’ve always been passionate about helping people, and a love for the sciences led me towards this career. Shortly after completing my BS in Biology at Central Connecticut State University, I graduated as a Chiropractic Physician from Logan University. Then I joined a natural health clinic in Cleveland as an associate. Now I am moving to Palm Coast to be closer to family and open a practice of my own. 

Certification in Applied Kinesiology and Advanced Clinical Training in Nutrition Response Testing are my two primary influences in identifying and correcting the actual causes of my patient's health problems. Rest assured I will work tirelessly to get to the bottom of what ails you. 

Nurse Jess

Office Manager

Since beginning my career as a Registered Nurse I have gained a lot of great experience as a healthcare professional within a hospital setting. I received experience on an Intermediate Care Unit as well as within a Pediatric Mental Hospital prior to working at Pivotal Health Systems with my husband, Dr. Wright. During my nursing career I noticed many patients were not receiving the time and attention they deserved. I also noticed that hospitals were too understaffed to provide adequate care, leaving both patients and staff frustrated. When Dr. Wright and I started dating, I caught a glimpse of what natural healthcare looked like, and it changed my whole perspective on health and healing.

Our personally tailored care programs are designed to address, organ dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies. But they are not for everyone. With limited availability our doctor has very specific requirements for anyone to be accepted as a patient in our clinic.

What this means is you’re going to want to Call to Schedule today!

Pivotal Health Systems is for YOU if:

  • You are sick and tired of having to rely on medications.

  • You value your quality of life and your relationships.

  • Your desire is to fix your problem, not simply get temporary relief.

Pivotal Health Systems is NOT for YOU if:

  • You are in search of a quick fix that does not get to the root cause of the problem.

  • You are okay with masking the pain of symptoms with medications.

  • You are looking for an injection or surgery to magically “fix” your problem.



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"I had been having pain in the bottom of my foot, near the big toe. It started after several long days of working on my feet. I figured it would go away on its own, but I just lingered. Dr. Josh performed a through evaluation to figure out what was wrong then he adjusted my toe and foot. I experienced immediate relief and was able to get back to my daily activities with out interruption from pain." 

~Maxmillian S

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“Having undergone two hip replacements years ago after being active outdoors for so many years, I understand the importance of taking care of one’s body through exercise, proper nutrition, and Chiropractic care. I have found Dr. Josh Wright to be thorough in his adjustments and someone who listens to his patient giving advise on what direction of care to take. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his line of work. Whether I see him for lower back problems or digestive issues, I believe in the care he provides.”
~Joann W

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"I was having aches and pains in my neck and what felt like a pinched nerve in my right hip and my hamstring on my right leg felt tight. I went to Dr. Wright for an adjustment and afterward I felt much better. He adjusted my neck, back, and hips. The pain in my neck went away and my right leg loosened up quite a bit to where I could do the splits again improving my flexibility. I definitely recommend Dr. Wright for chiropractic services."

-Minna V

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“I’m not sure what happened or how it happened but my knee started flaring up one morning. I work on my feet all day so I needed it fixed. Around mid day, I had Dr. Wright work on me. He did a thorough work up on me and did some work with my hips and knee. By the end of the day I was functioning at 100%. No more pain. I really appreciate his work and professionalism and would recommend him to my family.” -Max O